Constitution Debate – this is aboriginal land

the law council of australia recently sent out the attached draft constitutional reform document to allow proper discussions to be held by the people of good will rather than just hear from the usual parrots from the right-wing think-tank’s.

that is not to denigrate those who see little of value in changing the constitution but are able to do so without the racist taunts from such as johns,brough,abbott and so on. george vilallor had an interesting approach in his letter to the editor of the act press.

some are restricting themselves to a preamble change whilst others,like me, believe it must be in the body of the constitution.

at least we have a document to consider what level of change may or may not be required. the time frame for discussion is unknown but a referendum will be held at the next election. in my view abbott has a mean and hungry look so that election could be at any time.

the referendum however is merely to ascertain if the populace will agree to any change being made. what form of words will be used if and when agreement is granted to go ahead is anybody’s guess.

but we must think positive on the acceptance of change and suitable words found. my views are in the previous post.

happy reading. i am in agreement with the position put by mick dodson, s30 p14, but only as a fallback position.

let the debate begin!


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association


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