War and Peace: new text in reading group

“I don’t want the peace

that passeth understanding

But rather the understanding

that bringeth peace”

— Hellen Keller

Hi to all on a number of lists

Those of you who are in Brisbane or in transport reach of it may be interested in attending the reading of the next book being read by the group that meets at Kings College within the University of Queensland each Thursday at 1pm. The book is Tolstoys War and Peace, in English translation. The translation being used by quite a number of the existing members of the group is the new Vintage Classics edition translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky, but any existing translation would do.

The method used in the group is to read every word aloud, taking turns around the group, pausing every couple of pages to discuss any problems or points of interest. It is not obligatory to read. One can simply listen if one wishes not to read. We have used this method to read major works by James Joyce and Marcel Proust and people have found that it assisted them to overcome difficulties that baulked them when reading the works alone.

You would be welcome to join this group, which is very friendly, at any time, either immediately this week or at a further stage of the reading. Parking is made available for group members by the College, which also offers us afternoon tea.

Time and place: Thursday,1pm to 3pm, 1st floor Kings College, Upland Rd, St Lucia.

Dan O’Neill

One response to “War and Peace: new text in reading group

  1. hello, this sounds great, have been keen to join a book club for awhile and have wanted to tackle a classic like this. I am out of town and the first time i could come along would be the 21st Oct. If that is ok would love to join in



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