Daily Archives: September 18, 2010

Refugee Australia’s latest hellhole – 21 in all

Dear All

See pictures of the Scherger Air Base (in the Gulf of Carpentaria) entrance and fences taken yesterday.

You can see the mark of the immigration department – high fence – too early for razor wire but the truck track around it so that guards can drive around and around 24 hours day and night.

Interesting how truth is little valued in this area.

The Gillard Government denied that there were plans to turn Scherger into a hellhole for immigration all through the election.

This in the face of a sudden influx of workers building kilometres of fence.

Clearly the government takes us all for mugs.

The demountables have not arrived yet.

No doubt they will be flown in at great expense.

At the moment there are only two shacks there.

Why are asylum seekers being shunted to the most isolated corners of Australia? – rhetorical question.

Pamela Curr
September 2010