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Speak out against the war in Afghanistan

Stand Fast is having a speak-out against the war in Afghanistan at the Enoggera Army barracks on Thursday September 9, 12pm – 5pm.

Thursday September 9, 12pm – 5pm

Front gate Enoggera Barracks, Lloyd St. Enoggera

Till now there have been regular vigils against the war on Thursdays from 4 pm at Enoggera Army barracks.

These vigils were organised initially by Catholic Workers but now is supported by a broader group.

The election outcome and the anti-war movement
I wonder if Stand Fast has asked Andrew Wilke, the new independent member for Denison, if he wants to join their group?

On the surface at least Wilke qualifies for membership.

Wilke is ex-army and is still very pissed off about the lies by the Australian government about Weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s) been used as justification for the war on Iraq.

I wonder if Stand Fast would exclude Wilke on his politics?

Wilke’s CV is pretty reactionary. He graduated from Duntroon, was a lieutenant colonel in the army, worked for Raytheon (A US arms manufacturer), and then the Office of National Assessments (ONA).

However Wilke says that he is opposed to the war on Afghanistan – see Andrew Wilkie: Afghan military intervention justified by a ‘great lie’

Did readers notice how Andrew Wilke exploited an anomaly in the preferential voting system in Australia to win the seat of Denison. Not that I am complaining, someone has to do something about compulsive gambling and you can be sure the major parties wont (of there own volition).

Andrew Wilke won the seat even though he only won 21% of the vote and came 3rd on first preferences.

Candidate                                                    Party                                                      Votes (%)

WILKIE, Andrew                                     Independent                                              21.28

JACKSON, Jonathan                            Australian Labor Party                           35.84

BARNES, Mel                                         Socialist Alliance                                        1.32

SIMPKINS, Cameron                             Liberal                                                           22.64

COUSER, Geoffrey                                  Australian Greens                                     18.92

Wilke achieved this result by obtaining a high count of first preferences from Labor, Green, Socialist Alliance and Liberals.

The Liberals put Wilke above Labor not realising that he could win.

It has come back to bite Liberals with a deal signed by Wilke yesterday to help Labor form a minority government.

Just how stupid were the back-room-boys in the Federal Election 2010?

Why isn’t the Left as devious as the party hacks, Andrew Robb and Mark Arbib et al?

Why didn’t we get a socialist to change her name to Gillard?

Then socialists could have had a Gillard running against Rudd in Griffith.

The Revolutionary Socialists already had Kevin Rudd’s nephew, Van Rudd, running against Gillard in Victoria.

I think a Gillard running against Kevin Rudd in Griffith would have got more votes than Van Rudd did against Gillard in Lalor.

As it was Kevin Rudd had a 9% swing against him – Labor might even lose Griffith to the Greens in the next election.

It was a good thing the Revolutionary Socialists were already running in Griffith, otherwise I would have had to cross out Kevin (Rudd) and substituted Van (Rudd). I am sure Mark Latham would have backed my informal vote.

The truth is very little change comes through the parliament but having someone like George Georges in the parliament did provide resources and a base to organise from. If the Left joined forces and began building there are enough contradictions in capitalism that, down the track, socialists may choose to have a member of parliament.

A socialist member would operate as representative of her electorate, as an advocate or like a union rep. The politics of the candidate should not prevent the electorate from voting for her, so long as she was honest and well organised. Bob Katter jokingly said that he is the only socialist left in the federal parliament. That is stretching it a bit, Bob. Perhaps the only agrarian socialist.

Hope to see you all at the speak out,the details are below:

Speak out against the war in Afghanistan

Thursday September 9, 12pm – 5pm

Front gate Enoggera Barracks, Lloyd St. Enoggera

Stand Fast, a group of veterans and former service personnel who oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will be holding a speak out at the front gate of Enoggera Barracks. Join us in calling for troops out of Afghanistan. Show soldiers you don’t want them to kill or die for politicians’ lies and corporate greed. Help us hand out flyers to the troops. Drop by for a while or stand with us the whole time – any of your time appreciated.

For more info on Stand Fast visit www.stand-fast.webs.com

Support the troops – bring them home now!

For info on the speak out contact Hamish 0401 586 923

Please pass on to all you know.


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