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Hi Folks,
We know most of you don’t particularly like money, and prefer to keep money as much as possible out of your human relationships – or maybe we’re projecting that! – but sometimes it might actually be necessary to put your money where your mouth is, which is why we’re writing this email.

As most of you are aware there is an indigenous convergence going on inAlice Springs in early July: http://defendingindigenousrights.wordpress.com/ This is obviously a long way to travel, and an expensive place to get to, as those of you who are going already know (assuming of course that you don’t live in Alice)!

Anyway, we ran the idea of donating money by Sam Watson who suggested the best place to give money to would be the Aboriginal Rights Coalition, who are organising a bus to go to Alice for the convergence. They have said they would use the money to, where necessary, subsidise Murris travelling from Queensland, and also for folks in town camps and remote areas in Central Australia to be able to travel to the convergence. Any excess monies (ha ha?) would be given to the organisers of the convergence to cover their costs and put towards future organising.

So we’re writing to ask if you folks might be able to contribute, it’s obviously too late for a fundraiser so this is just a blanket request for money! As a guideline perhaps giving half of what it [would] cost you to get there yourself would be reasonable? I know the bus is costing about $200 per person, so that would be around $100… ambitious we know but… think about all that money you’ve saved scavenging for food and the like! If you are willing and able to contribute the ARC account details are:

Account name: Aboriginal Rights Coalition Brisbane
BSB: 064 000
Account # 12671939
Description: Convergence 2010
or, for the organising group in Alice:

Account Name: Intervention Rollback Action Group
Bank: Bendigo Community Bank
BSB No: 633-000
A/c No: 134 157 049
Description: Conference Thanks,

Eliza and Thomas

One thought on “Bus to indigenous convergence

  1. Dom from ARC says:

    With a Brisbane ARC bus returning from the Amazing ‘Defending Indigenous Rights’ convergence this week, we have a whole new lawyer of activists keen to get involved in the Brisbane Aboriginal Rights Coalition. Lets seize the momentum.

    Join the Bus Participants for a meeting (with Food) at the TLC Building in Peel St on Thursday the 22nd of July.

    Where: TLC Building, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane
    When: Thursday 22nd July @ 6:30pm
    If possible, bring a plate of Food to share

    Proposed things for Agenda
    – quick reportback from convergence/bus trip/SOS
    – proposals coming out of convergence/bus trip
    – organizing public reportbacks to unions,churches/ on campus etc.
    – building the campaign
    – black deaths in custody
    – election

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