Pro-Choice Action Collective update

Dear friends,

Please find attached a campaign newsletter from the Pro-Choice Action Collective – featuring reports about the growing national support for the campaign against the abortion charges in Cairns.

The trial date for the Cairns case has not yet been set, but we do know that on the Saturday before the trial there will be a national day of action to demand the dropping of the charges. We are appealing for support for the rally – please find attached a sign-on form to add your organisation to the list of supporters.

The Cairns couple has now faced over 18 months of being dragged through the legal system, media scrutiny and have had to put their lives on hold, facing the prospect of years in prison if the charges are upheld. This case threatens to destroy many more lives as women’s access to abortion is threatened. We cannot let this happen – which is why your support is needed now more than ever.

Please fill in the attached form and help spread the word. The Pro-Choice Action Collective can provide speakers and/or information about the case and the growing campaign – please get in contact if you are able to organise a meeting in your local area or with your organisation.

in solidarity,
Kathy Newnam
Pro-Choice Action Collective

Endorsement form – National Day of Action – Drop the abortion charges.pdf

Pro-Choice Action Collective newsletter.pdf

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