Refugee Things are not always as they seem

On the 23rd April 2010, there was a story in the Daily Times Pakistan that 22,000 Afghan refugees had returned from Pakistan to Afghanistan under a UNHCR program of returning refugees.

Story here

In view of the current suspension of visa processing for the Afghan Refugees arriving by boat to Australia, I wrote to the journalist and asked him what ethnic groups these returning refugees came from .

Here is his answer

“I talked to a concerned official over the phone to ask her the question your have raised.
She told me that the Afghan refugees who voluntarily repatriated to their country were mostly Pashtoons and Tajiks.”

Almost 100% of asylum seekers from Afghanistan are Hazaras – a persecuted minority in Afghanistan targetted by both Pashtun and Taliban.

Pamela Curr

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  1. Pamela Curr says:

    ABC TV’s Lateline programme at 10:30 PM on Wednesday 28th of April will include a segment on the proposed people smuggling bill.

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