Refugee Submissions for Anti People smuggling Bill

Senate Inquiry Update

As you may be aware, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has referred the Anti-People Smuggling and Other Measures Bill to Senate Inquiry.

Should you wish to make a submission to the Inquiry, the deadline is the 16th of April. The report is due of the 11th of May.

See this link for further information about to whom to send your submission

The provisions in this Bill will extend the prison sentences of Indonesian Fishermen- the organisers/agents/ people smugglers are not on the boats waiting to be captured.

Another unfortunate result will be the criminalisation of people in Australia who send money to family and friends in Indonesia to support them what is the difference in money for food, medicine and shelter and money for a boat who decides?

If you have concerns please make a submission.

Pamela Curr

100224 Anti-People Smuggling Bill. 2nd reading pdf.pdf

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  1. please let srilankan government’s war criminal victims into Australia.

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