Help Stop the Wars

Dear friends and opponents of war,

The Stop the War Collective in Brisbane is responding to US President Obama’s visit to talk war and the US-Australian alliance with Rudd in the 2nd half of March. We are planning a rally in Brisbane (details below) and to send a 54 seat bus down to Canberra to join other protesters when Obama addresses a joint sitting of Parliament.

The bus costs money, but we don’t want this to be a barrier to those who want to go down to Canberra so we are appealing to all supporters of StWC and all opponents of US-led wars for profit to give a donation to help cover bus costs.

Please send donations (big or small) to:
Stop the War Collective
PO Box 8254
QLD, 4102

Please help also by forwarding this to anyone you know who might be able to help.

Hamish Chitts

Brisbane protests Obama’s visit
US & Australian troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan!
End the US-Aust military alliance!
End US and Australian support for Israel!
No more US wars in Middle East, Latin America and Caribbean!

5pm Friday 19 March
Brisbane Square (top of Queen St Mall)

For more info (including info on the bus to Canberra) contact:
Hamish 0401 586 923 or Lisa 0468 935 281

One thought on “Help Stop the Wars

  1. Solidarity Public Meeting: OBAMA: IS THE DREAM OVER? says:

    Solidarity Public Meeting


    Barack Obama was elected US President on the back of an amazing groundswell of popular sentiment. It was a sentiment that looked for hope in the future. Obama promised peace, racial reconciliation and the creation of a new America after years of the Bush regime.

    However, with the increase in troops to Afghanistan, the watering down of Healthcare reforms and the farce which was the Copenhagen Climate Summit has Obama lived up to the dreams of his supporters?

    Come along to this Solidarity public meeting to discuss the topic.

    7pm, Wednesday, 31st March
    2nd Floor, TLC Building, 16 Peel St South Brisbane

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