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‘My School’ Website — Save Our Schools

My School Comparisons Expose Hypocrisy of PM and Gillard

The Save Our Schools public education advocacy group today accused the Prime Minister and the Federal Education Minister of hypocrisy and duplicity about reporting school results. SOS national convenor, Trevor Cobbold, said they have broken each of their three key promises about publishing school results.

“The Prime Minister and the Federal Education Minister gave assurances that schools would not be unfairly compared; schools would not be “named and shamed”; and that they would not support “simplistic” league tables. My School shows they have failed to deliver on all of these promises. Their assurances are exposed as duplicitous.

“The Prime Minister has long said that government schools in disadvantaged areas would not be compared with “likes of Geelong Grammar and the rest” but this is exactly what My School does.

“Its local schools webpage compares the results of Geelong Grammar – one of the wealthiest schools in Australia –with government and Catholic schools in Corio and Norlane, which are amongst the most disadvantaged suburbs in Australia. Geelong Grammar has 1% of its students in the bottom quarter of the My School socio-economic index compared to over 90% for many other schools in the area including Corio PS, Corio South PS, Corio West PS, and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. Continue reading