Foco Nuevo in May 2009



Friday 29th May
8.00 p.m.

26 Horan Street, West End

Meals, cakes, tea and coffee available

$10 / $7 concession

Foco Nuevo continues to bring great acoustic performances in the inviting atmosphere of Ahimsa House.

We are pleased to be able to offer meals again, with our friends Manoli and Nayita bringing their Latin American cooking skills to Foco Nuevo.

Nadia Sunde has captivated audiences around Australia with her ‘soulful’ voice, beautiful songs and powerful stage presence. Nadia recorded two albums with Brisbane based band ‘Spot the Dog’ – ‘Bedside


Manners’ and ‘Drunk on the Moon’ . Nadia released her debut solo album in 2000 called ‘The Spark’ . It received national ABC radio airplay, was a ‘Feature Album’ on ABC Coast FM and was nominated for ‘Best Folk Album’ at the ‘Queensland Sunnie Awards’ . Nadia’s musical styling moves across country, through folk, into rock and on into something unique that is completely her own. [website].

Ross Crow: first performed the percussive


poetry of Ross Clark at the National Folk Festival 2008, bracketed between Brisbane performances with Margret RoadKnight. Last year his poems were published in rival publications The Best Australian Poems 2008 and The Best Australian Poetry 2008. In his second solo performance here at Foco Nuevo, Ross will hum and strum and drum, and perform at least one world premiere.


Greshka are a troop of aspiring musicians bringing the infectious beats and grooves of eastern europe to your feet. Their music extends from upbeat Yiddish tunes to traditional Serbian and Bosnian melodies and drunken um-pahs of the Russians. The five-piece lineup is comprised of clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, double-bass and percussion.

Jumping Fences will be introducing the night. [website].
Foco Nuevo is a reference to Brisbane’s FOCO Club, a lively and alternative performance space which ran on a weekly basis during the late 1960s.

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Lachlan and Sue

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