The Bubble – an Israeli movie

By Emad Sinan

Write it down!
I am an Arab.
Card number, fifty thousand.
I have eight children
and the ninth is due after summer.

So, are you angry?
Write it down!
I’m an Arab.
I work with comrades in the
I have eight children.
I break their bread
and clothes and notebooks
from the rocks.
From Identity Card by Mahmoud Darwish

No matter how hard I think to find a way to talk about this topic, it seems just impossible to find a proper starting point, or even a proper language to use.

For the past 2 months or so, all SBS resources have been invested in one direction – and one direction only, that is to improve the image of the racist apartheid regime of the Zionist state, who (in case you haven’t heard) has just finished their latest military act in the world’s biggest open prison (called Gaza), leaving some 1300 people killed, 5000 injured, over half of them were women and children and the vast majority of the rest were civilians! An act, that every historian on this earth declared it as a first in human kind history! This was of no surprise to me, as this regime holds many of “first time in history” records.

As hard as I try to think of a reason for the act and the timing of SBS, I reach a blocked road within my naïve brain.

May be it’s because I’m relatively new in Australia and still building an understanding about the media the country has to offer and those who are offering it.

However, I did know upfront before moving here two and a half years ago that there will be no Al-Jazeera! But to find this??? SBS?? Was just too much!!! And while I’m trying all that I can not to be judgmental or jump to early conclusions, after seeing the movie, I was left with no other choice but to do just that.

I honestly watched the movie anxiously – as I never watched an Israeli movie before, while I am a movie buff, so I thought it would be nice to see a different side of that state – other than the usual image of bombardment, mass destruction, assassinations and house demolitions, OCCUPATION, for short.

How stupid I was to think it would be speaking a different language, and I’m not referring to Hebrew! It’s not enough for them to dominate every single news outlet in the world.

It’s not enough for them to promote all the lies in every way they can.

It’s not enough to comitt crimes, but yet to find means to justify it, and as it wasn’t enough that they can target all levels of people of different religions and ethnic groups; by presenting (The Bubble), it was the turn now to target gays and lesbians, just to make the picture more complete to everyone.

This time, the approach was so much different, while it leads to the same destination.

It was passionate, romantic, liberated, showing the real heroes fighting for a just and rightful cause within their own community, and how they ended up to be a target themselves.

Even the poor gay and lesbian community of Israel, life loving and peace providing, ends up victims of terror.

Listening to the dialogue, I swear I got lost whether I was watching a movie or a documentary! A Director or a military officer! A script writer or a government spokesman! Almost all stereotypes were there.

I’m addressing and commenting them here in my own “naïve” way as I’m no movie-critic:·         The Holocaust, IT JUST HAS TO BE THERE!

Stereotype-1: We are the victims, remember??!! Under no circumstances the world should forget all those who were brutally murdered, and if you were gay back then, it would have been much, much worse! DO YOU HEAR ME – GAY’S OF THE WORLD?!

“Gay or straight, Palestinians has nothing to do with it!!! I swear to god, it was the Nazis!!!”·         At the very beginning of the movie, when a Palestinian woman lost her baby giving birth at the checkpoint, the doctor and others who tried to save the situation just HAD TO be Israelis.

Stereotype-2: Of course Israeli, are Arabs smart enough to become doctors?! And although we are holocaust victims, we are also full of humanity!

“NO, Arabs did not invent modern medicine! NO, one of the world’s best heart surgeons is not Palestinian! NO, those who were displaced from Palestine did not build all the surrounding countries in the middle-east and elsewhere! NO, Palestinians are not the number-1 degree-holders people in the world!”·         When the Arabic “gay” man was having sex, he did it in a savage way.

He even needed his good civilized Israeli lover to provide him with protection that he probably never heard of it.

Meanwhile, when his boyfriend was in the same position later on in the movie, it was a touching romantic passionate love-making.

Stereotype-3: Arabs are animals-like when it comes to sex! Gays are no exception! “Well, I can only recommend asking any man/woman you know who has an Arab partner!”·         Tel-Aviv was established 100 years ago!!!

Stereotype-4: Faking history “I won’t remind you with Jaffa, the city that Tel-Aviv originated from, the port that Napoleon could not conquer, which was rebuilt after getting ruined during the crusades, that is most common.

Excavations going back to the 1960’s or thereabouts found remains of towers, gates, brick-walls and even temples (in other words, a WHOLE civilization), that go back to BRONZE AGE!  So, urban development? YES, but over Palestinian villages and orange fields.

Did not exist? NO, Palestine was not empty! They themselves admitted the truth about the biggest lie the Zionists ever made and promoted for – land with no people for people with no land!”·         When speaking of Tel-Aviv and Nablus throughout the movie and the contest by which they were presented, one can swear they are talking about 2 cities half the way on earth from each other!

Stereotype-5: Faking geography “Although they are worlds apart, Tel-Aviv is around 50 KM’s from Nablus, and both belong to one historical land that for thousands of years was/still is Called Palestine”·         Neighbourhoods – mentioned all over the movie!!! Neighbourhood this and neighbourhood that.

Stereotype-6: Faking reality by word play.

“The UN calls them SETTLMENTS, and Geneva Convention said THEY ARE A WAR CRIME!!!”·         The turning point of the movie is when Ashraf decides to become a suicide bomber.

And although I was waiting to see this moment right from the first minute, I just didn’t realize that it will represent the main goal of the whole movie:MAKE NO MISTAKE, EVEN PALESTINIAN GAYS ARE POTENTIAL TERRORISTS.

God, I can write books about it:

1.      It was act of revenge – for his killed sister.

It’s never a desperate measure to (wrongfully) fight OCCUPATION!

2.      The brother-in-law was as cold as ice! As if the girl who was murdered was not his new bride! He didn’t show any kind of emotions, no what so ever.

News Flash for you Sir: Palestinians are humans too, just like you (supposedly) are, they do feel!!! And if they overcome all what the occupation puts them through, that’s because they are full of pride, but that doesn’t make their pain unreal!!!! I assure you, IT IS AND THEY DO FEEL IT!3.

His act was provoked by the most twisted minds: extremist “ANTI-GAY” brother-in-law and his WEIRD looking military friends, even that old Imam at the funeral promoting the killing of “100’s or even 1000’s of Israelis”!!! So everyone and everything is the enemy! No matter the age or the gender! So yes, it’s always ok to kill.

4. Of course, the two IDF soldiers who killed his sister were chasing militants running away in a residential area – taking civilians as human shield, so it’s not their fault!! They do take every care!!! But definitely human casualties SHOULD BE expected!!!! I wonder if that also covers children murdered by SNIPERS while returning home from school!!!5.

What an act of honour from that IDF soldier!!!! How he risked his life to stop his colleagues’ gun shooting!!! Wow, true man!!!Just in case you didn’t know what type of humans is the one I’m referring to:

CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!! DARE TO WATCH AND HEAR THE TRUTH!!!And it goes on and on and on…If you think I spoke long, feel lucky I haven’t recorded the movie and re-run it.

All the above was points I just picked up from my “naïve” memory by merely watching it – not analyzing, I’m no critic as I said earlier.

The complaint I’m raising on SBS goes beyond showing the movie, but criminalizing the whole act of black false propaganda.

It was text book: Started with improper coverage of the events in Gaza, while being so busy showing a series about Hitler, passing through cultural stuff (songs, ads and all) to tune things up and establish a connection between history and present, all the way into shocking the people of Australia with the fate of that poor little young (BABY KILLER captured at a land that IS NOT HIS ready to take the life of ANYTHING or ANYONE upon orders from his commander chief or on his own well) Israeli soldier, called Jelahd Shaleet.

May be there was something else? Too bad I missed watching it.

Do you honestly believe that your act does not break your own code of practice concerning Prejudice, Racism and Discrimination?! By going back to all the points I listed and all the points I missed, do you truly believe this movie (and your whole act in the current political situation) does not promote all sorts of racism (or at least false delegations) against Australians of Palestinian origin in particular, and Arab-Muslim-Palestinians in general?!If the SBS was not biased and not declaring itself as the spoke-person on behalf of the Zionist state in Australia, then why now?! Why not showing different plain and neutralized material about the conflict?! Movies and documentaries produced by international independent bodies for instance.

So much concerned about the victims of suicide attacks – that no longer take place? I won’t propose a Palestinian film like (Paradise Now), or a documentary criminalizing the media the SBS belongs to – like (Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land), so what about the words of a man who lost his only 14 year old daughter in a suicide attach, that I recently heard in a documentary called (Palestine Is Still The Issue), he’s also Israeli! And he’s real life tragedy, not manipulative revolting fiction.

May be Arna’s Children? Another Israeli movie catching the life course of 3 Palestinian kids among which one turns to become a suicide bomber.

NO, I guess not! That is too decent may be, and who can face you with your biased act when you clearly stated it in your code of practice that you are not concerned about presenting all different views of a certain topic or even allocate equal time for them!!!!WHO RUNS THE SBS???? WHO SOLD HIS/HER SOUL SO CHEAPLY?? And cheap is the price gained over encouraging injustice and promoting lies.

As an Australian citizen – even if recent one, I DO NOT ACCEPT an Australian TV that promotes occupation and demonize my homeland.

I believe that guns, Apaches (helicopters), Caterpillars (bulldozers), tanks and F-16’s are not the only weapons killing our children and ruining our lives.

I also believe in God, who is neither blind nor deaf, and definitely not dumb.

Emad Sinan

Justice for Palestine, Brisbane

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