Daily Archives: March 2, 2009

Public Meeting: Stop the Intervention


Monday 9th of March, 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Level 2 of the Trades and Labour Council Building, 16 Peel Street South Brisbane.


Barb Shaw, Intervention Rollback Action Group, Mt Nancy town camp
Sam Watson, Murri Activist and Academic, Uni of QLD.
Andy Duffin, Mona Mona Action Group, North QLD. Continue reading

An implosion of knowledge

By Humphrey McQueen

Meanjin, March 2009.

A poor box in the foyer of the National Library of Australia invites tourists to donate to the construction of a Treasures Gallery, a project which further devalues three of that institution’s treasures – its staff, its work-a-day collections and its readers.

During 1992, the National Library installed an exhibition space to compete for visitors with the War Memorial and the National Gallery. Over the summer of 2001-2, the Library garnered 168 gems from around the globe, including a scrap of paper on which Einstein had scribbled E=mc². The “showcased” presentation of these items as a cabinet of curiosities treated the public as gawkers. Typifying this disrespect to both the exhibits and the viewers, the E=mc² display did not explain the five components of that equation, as David Bodanis had done in his eponymous book the year before. Moreover, the vaunting of the Einstein formula was hypocritical since the Library had cancelled its order for his Collected Papers after volume two in 1993. Continue reading