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Foreign farm workers caught in trap | The Australian

by Elizabeth Wynhausen

Stuart McEvoy

Contractors Alf and William Fangaloka walk among blossoming almond trees near robinvale in Victoria's Riverina. Picture: Stuart McEvoy

A RED Ferrari 360 Modena tools down the main street of Robinvale on Saturday mornings. A Vietnamese man is at the wheel. The sight of a $260,000 sports car in a small agricultural border town in Victoria’s northwest still makes heads turn. Continue reading

‘Monumentality’ is a Social Justice Essential—Brisbane architect, Russel Hall, speaks out at the Group of 17

Image from Russel Hall's website

by Dan O’Neill

On Wednesday the 3rd of September at 7pm, the next rambunctious though convivial meeting of the 17 Group in unit 6 at 20 Drury St West End:

Well-known Brisbane architect Russel Hall on the need for monumentality… Is Brisbane too gutless to inspire its citizens as it builds QPACS and Museums with low ceilinged public spaces? The old Treasury Building wasn’t a gutless effort, with a much smaller and poorer population.

The original Regent was a magnificent picture palace.

Do we waste too much resources or paying public money for no gain? Is that the reason?

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