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Construction workers campaign for equal rights

imageThe ABCC has charged an VIC CFMEU official Noel Washington for refusing to give evidence on discussions with union members, join us in calling for the abolition of the ABCC and the dropping of charges against Noel Washington.

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A question of opportunity missed, and a scoop lost

imageQuest Newspapers have published a second article (at left) about a group of people concerned about what an arms manufacturer is doing running a business in suburban Murarrie.

The South-east advertiser has missed another opportunity and lost a scoop.

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Raytheon 2 found ‘Not Guilty’


Blood on the walls of Raytheon

Raytheon goes to Water on Wilful Damage Charges

by Jim Dowling

An hour after a Wynnum magistrate found Lisa Bridle and I not guilty of “disobeying a police direction”, police rang my home to let me know that Raytheon did not wish to proceed with willful damages charges resulting form another (our third) exorcism at their Brisbane offices. Continue reading

Poetry in Motion: Day of solidarity with Cuba

moncada barracks

Moncada Barracks in Havanna

Australia–Cuba Friendship Society (Brisbane) invites you to —

Celebrate the beginning of the Cuban Revolution — the 55th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada Barracks. Continue reading

Foco Nuevo in July 08

Jumping Fences invites you to our next Foco Nuevo concert. We aim to provide an ecelctic mix of musical styles while continuing the folk tradition of highlighting lyrics which reflect the breadth of contemporary life. This regular music event is held on the last Friday of each month and features a diversity of Brisbane singer-songwriters and musicians. Continue reading


Brisbane’s Radical Books

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Radical simply means ‘grasping things at the root. – Angela Davis “These students believe in democracy and most importantly they believe in the maximum participation for the individual. Believing that democracy is a continuous process that does not finish at … Continue reading

‘Our Rights at Work’ not dead, yet

Victorian Trade Hall Unions back CFMEU official, Noel Washington

The Victorian Trades Hall Council has called a meeting of delegates from all unions to discuss the union movement’s response to the anti-union Australian Building and Construction Commission, which is attempting to jail CFMEU official, Noel Washington.

The meeting will also discuss the ongoing ‘Your Rights at Work’ campaign. Continue reading

Who supports a market solution for Climate Change?

Prof Ross Garnaut told about 1000 people assembled in the Brisbane City Hall on 11 July 2008 that the ‘centrepiece of our [the federal government] response to climate change is an Emissions Trading Scheme [ETS]. See

Who supports a market solution for Climate Change? Where is the evidence that the market will be able to prevent the current overproduction of greenhouse gases?

This is question I should have asked at the public forum on “australia’s energy [r] evolution” at 6pm QUT Gardens Point on Wednesday 16 July 2008.

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‘Direct Action’ emerges from the Past

A Short history of ‘Direct Action’

1973 edition of SWP's Direct Action What a strange period of the Left we are living through.

The latest Left paper, Direct Action, claims that it is ‘for socialism in the 21st century’, I am not sure what that is supposed to mean but I doubt that it is true.

As each new crisis in capitalism arrives, we witness the Left running in the opposite direction, more fractured, distant and irrelevant, with each new grouplet wasting scare resources on new publications, new websites, and new centres, each with miniscule differences in ideology, sometimes visible only to the warring factions.

One of each [one newspaper, one website, even one room] would suffice with our dwindling numbers and energy.Now, out of failure has emerged, like a phoenix from the ashes, a new ‘Direct Action’ taking a template from past praxis! Continue reading


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Venezuela solidarity

Eyewitness public forum
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A Diary of Resistance – behind the news

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This is an alternative diary of the Iraq war compiled from a variety of media and other sources. It is compiled by Ray Bergmann who is active in various peace and social justice groups in Brisbane. Continue reading

The Situation in Burma


Invites you to its Monthly Community Forum

Topic: The Situation in Burma

Guest Speaker: Dave Andrews

Date: Sunday 6th July 2008-07-01

Time: 7 pm sharp

Venue: Meeting Room, Garden City Library, Mt Gravatt

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