Drug marketing

Doctors “selling” drugs: BMJ TV revelations about Key Opinion Leaders

BMJ's drug marketingHere is an interesting article and couple of short video clips on the manipulation of medical treatment by the pharmaceutical industry.

Written by Brisbane’s Ray Moynihan, a veteran ABC journo, and now freelance writer on medical issues – he was recently appointed guest editor of the British Medical Journal.

Also is author of a couple of books on these issues.

Well worth watching and reading. See http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/336/7658/1402?ijkey=914vdwBBxz8uGID&keytype=ref

Ross Gwyther


Gedday friends and colleagues

Apologies for the joint email, but just wanted to let you all quickly know there
is a great BMJ TV item that just went live today.

If any one of you have any networks- domestic or international who you think might
be interested in seeing/reading this- please let them know. This is link.


Its the first time BMJ has done TV I think, and they are keen to get some feedback

Ray [Moynihan]

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