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Protest Rally against the proposed Traveston Dam

Don't Murray the Mary ITS TIME TO RALLY!!

Why is a Protest Rally against the proposed Traveston Dam desperately important RIGHT NOW?

· The Federal Govt is about to receive the Qld Govt’s Environmental Impact Statement for its review under the EPBC Act.

· The Qld Labor Party is holding its State Convention at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on June 21,22. Kevin “I’m here to help” Rudd will be there.

We will assemble at Cascade Gardens Broadbeach to march at 11.00am

Don’t Murray the Mary!!

Have picnic in the park, or hit Jupiters afterwards!!!

Make it a day out with friends – our bus or your own carload!!

Further details ring Rally Organisers John Porter … 54855255, 0427476488, Lyndall Ensbey 54843697, 0427167329, Kent Hutton 54828830, 0409064885, or Kandanga Info Centre 54884800.



  1. Brisbane and SEQ want (and are entitled to) the cheapest source of 100% reliable water.
  2. The politicians must provide it in a way that is environmentally and economically responsible.
  3. There is an overwhelming body of evidence that, along with present storages, the demand for water can be met from non-rainfall dependent methods such as desalination using renewable energy sources, combined with water saving methods such as storm water harvesting, recycling of waste water, responsible water usage from household and industry, and installation of water saving devices.

A dam approved at Traveston Crossing, even with conditions, however strictly phrased or enforced, fails these requirements. It destroys productive farmland, unique animal species, fisheries, AND COSTS MORE!

Just one desalination plant can provide the water that the Qld Govt say they will take from the Mary. It will cost less, it will be 100% reliable, and it will pose no threat to the Lungfish, Mary River Turtle, or to the rare and endangered species of the Great Sandy Straits.

This plant can be powered from renewable energy sources. WA currently has a desal plant powered by a wind farm.

Otherwise Qld converts this beautiful productive working river into the mess that is the Murray.

This alternative is unthinkable. Why would you do it when it is not even necessary?

If a forward thinking Govt, Federal or State, reviews Peter Beattie’s hasty decision they will reverse it!

Don’t Murray the Mary!

Prime Minister Rudd must help Qld out here. Let’s tell him at the Labor Convention.

Stand with the Save the Mary River Coordinating Group on June 21. …