Shutting down Adani

Our extreme weather and another Adani release of toxic coal sludge into precious wetlands is a stark reminder of why we must GET INVOLVED. Thankfully, grassroots groups have advanced plans toShut Down Adani from February 23 – March 3. 

Register to help Shut Down Adani

Bob Brown’s #StopAdani convoy too

There’s plenty to do at home if you can’t get to Central Queensland. The school strikers have invited older people to join them with #GreyPower solidarity contingents at the March 15 events. #GreyPower have coal-loving politicians in their sights too, focusing on newly-marginal seats with their Climate Emergency Challenge

#GreyPower at #SchoolStrike4Climate

Brisbane – #GreyPower Climate Emergency Challenge

Melbourne – #GreyPower Climate Emergency Challenge

#GreyPower Crowd Funder

We have no time to waste. NOW is the time to change the politics of coal and shut down Adani for good. We hope to see you out there!

Together we will win.Your Galilee Blockade Team

One thought on “Shutting down Adani

  1. Margaret Essex says:

    Remember outside parliament Canberra Adani OUT protest Tuesday 12 Feb 2 sleeps see you there.

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