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The Forum

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Forum – A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. From Latin, literally ‘what is out of doors’, originally denoting an enclosure surrounding a house; related to fores ‘(outside) door’ – Oxford Dictionary … Continue reading


One comparison between Chile & Venezuela

[Translation] This photo is in a Chilean hospital. It would be very useful that the presidents who will go to the meeting of the “group of grima” bring images of the public hospitals of their countries and the attention they … Continue reading


Inquest begins into Shocking Death on Nauru

As the government tries to weazel out of providing medical care to people in offshore detention, the death and treatment of OMID shows the inhumanity and cruelty towards refugees. OMID was dying  in terrible pain for 10 hours with no … Continue reading


United Nations Treaty to Ban nuclear weapons and progress towards signing it in Australia

Radio program for CICD’s Alternative News (Music fade in and out) Andrew: Welcome to this edition of CICD’s Alternative News on Melbourne’s Community Radio station 3CR. I am Andrew Fullarton and I will be interviewing Bevan Ramsden, a long time … Continue reading


Rally at UQ today to stop demolition of union complex

A reminder that our rally kicks off tomorrow at 1.00pm on the steps of the UQ Union offices. The flyer is attached for you to circulate.  Thanks to everyone who has been promoting the event to their networks and distributing the flyer the … Continue reading