Australian Democracy Dying

A few days ago, I emailed an open letter to every candidate in Queensland seeking their comments on a number of issues relevant to one of the advocacy groups I represent.
I’ll attempt to post the content below although the responses are in a spreadsheet and it doesn’t appear possible to post an xls file. Basically only two lone party candidates responded and those were unusual cases (Greens with personal interest).
Not one ALP, LNP, or OneNation candidate responded, even those in the same electorate as the Greens who did respond. I did follow up with phone calls to a number of ALP, LNP OneNation and Greens party candidates and in each case, they advised ‘we’ll need to send your material to our party headquarters for advice’ (basically we are mere drones who can’t think for ourselves) .
Needless to say, ALP, LNP, OneNation and Greens party headquarters refuse to comment. On the other hand, most independents did respond with comments indicating that supported the issues mentioned in the open letter. Bottom line is that the view espoused by  <> Australians For Genuine Change in Government that parties cannot and will not represent the interests of the people is clearly shown to be 100% correct.
NO party candidate is able to think for themself, they are serfs to the party. The two instances of a candidate ignoring a party directive are surprising however I don’t believe they are indicative of less control over greens candidates and the the fact that only two party candidates in Queensland responded to the open letter only strengthens the evidence that party heirarchies rule the roost.
Australian Democracy Dying.
Australian politicians from every party, are winding back voter’s rights, across the board, and refuse to tell voters which rights they have lost.
QLD crime fighter Tony Fitzgerald AC, QC asked QLD political parties, in an open letter, prior to the 2015 QLD election, if they would comply with democratic principles.
Candidates in the 25/11/2017 QLD election were asked, in an open letter, if they would tell QLD voters which rights they had lost. Nineteen candidates responded. They are shown below.
IND 15
You can read the candidate’s response in the spreadsheet “Candidate answers”.
Following is the open letter.
“An open letter to every candidate in the 25/11/2017 QLD Election.
Do you support telling QLD voters which rights they have lost?
Australian politicians, Federal and State, are winding back rights, across the board, at an unpresented rate.
If you are a member of the next QLD Parliament, will you vote for:
1 an independent audit to identify the rights the QLD Parliament has extinguished; and,
2 an independent audit to identify the rights the Australian Parliament has extinguished?
Your voters will be informed of your answers.
Some rights that have been wound back include but are not limited to the presumption of innocence, natural justice, the right to silence, the privilege against self-incrimination, the right to legal representation of your choice, the right to independent professional assessments and the right to accountable Government.
If you answer “YES” to question 1, then you will support changes to the lawless unaccountable QLD Guardianship system, to force it to comply with 21st century rule of law and accountability standards.
If you answer “NO”, then you support the current lawless unaccountable QLD Guardianship system continuing to extinguish Queenslander’s 21st century rights, by complying with 15th century standards.
If you fail to answer the question/s or fail to respond to the request, then you have indicated you are not interested or concerned with your voter’s wellbeing.
Please respond to this request by 15/11/2017.
The political abuse of the Australian public is summarised on the following web sites.
Tony Fitzgerald’s 2015 open letter to QLD political parties.
The QEC’S candidate’s info sheet.
The UN’S criticism of Australia’s human rights.

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