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Israel’s attack on BDS movement backfiring

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Having failed to stop the growth of the BDS movement, Israel has launched an unprecedented attack against the non-violent international boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel movement. Following Israeli pressure, some European governments including the UK and France are … Continue reading

Free West Papua

Very good interview with Benny Wenda from Free West Papua and Joanne from Rise Up West Papua by Andy from the Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon. Listen at http://ondemand.4zzzfm.org.au/paradigm-shift/2016-05-27%5D

Paradigm Shift

[Paradigm Shift 27 May 2016 12-1pm 102.1fm or 4zzzfm.org.au. Listen at http://ondemand.4zzzfm.org.au/paradigm-shift/2016-05-27%5D

Andy speaks with Benny Wenda, globe-trotting West Papuan independence activist. They talk about Papuan resistance and  Benny plays some freedom songs live in the studio!  They are joined by Joanne from Rise Up for West Papua.

benny2belected2bspokesman2bof2bulmwp Spokesperson for the unified movement Benny Wenda is treated to a chiefly welcome at the opening ceremony of the meeting in Port Vila. Photo: Ben Bohane/ wakaphotos.com

Benny talks about Break the Silence tour and building links with Rise Up for West Papua.

The Unified movement represents a new hope for West Papuans to continue building momentum for their struggle.

Benny explains the role of music in changing the political situation in West Park. Benny said music is a very big part of the culture and it plays an important role in educating and bringing people into the movement…

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