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Open for Business?

Does the TPP matter that much given our
trade with Asia is far bigger? Australian trade with
USA ($54B) is less than one quarter our combined trade
with China ($150B) and Japan ($70B).
For example, even Malaysia (G35) does more trade with
the USA. Canada (G11) does 20 times more trade with the
USA and even Mexico (G16) does about 18 times more.
Growth in trade with China in 2012/13 went from $125B
to $150B – an increase equal to half our entire trade
with the USA! Continue reading


Nauru Government has problem with the Truth

REFUGEE ACTION COALITION REJECTS NAURU GOVERNMENT CRITICISMS The Refugee Action Coalition rejects the assertions of the Nauruan government made in a press release specifically attacking the Refugee Action Colaition. “The press release was nothing more than self-serving rhetoric designed to … Continue reading