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Here is part of the list of threatened Homelands – “remote communities”

We will be damned by the future if we sit quiet on any dispossession of Homelands – ‘remote communities’ – just as we damn the past for similar brutal dispossessions, for the evil of the Stolen Generations, the Stolen Wages, … Continue reading

Camp Sovereignty – Melbourne 2006

In 2006 the Sacred Fire was established in Melbourne after a journey through Yorta Yorta lands including a ceremony in the Bharma Forest with members of the Wiradjeri, Wamba Wamba, Barapa Barapa, Gunnai/Kurnai and Yorta Yorta Nations to bring the fire across the Dhungala (Murray) River.

A statement was signed by all represented Nations in support of ending genocide of peoples, lands and waters and demanding a Treaty negotiation process to be entered into between the Australian Original peoples and the Crown.

Australian Original people and Supporters attended and supported the lighting of the sacred fire and participated in a ceremony of respect for the fire.