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Mass demonstrations in Iraq against the occupation

A statement has been issued by the Shabaan Thuwaar Al-Iraq (= ‘Young Rebels’ but it includes people of all ages and different occupations). It says that: The anger of Iraqi people mounts against the regime. Martyr’s were killed in demonstrations … Continue reading


“No way with current growth”

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The next 17 Group meeting might well be called No way with current growth. Described more fully below, it will be led by Trevor Berrill who has given a previous highly successful talk to this group on sustainable energy. It … Continue reading

The Arab Revolution: uprisings in Iraq, Yemen and now Oman

By Ray Bergmann

A lot of information to get out about the revolutions in Iraq and Yemen that started three weeks ago.

The best supportive videos and photos from Iraq are at http://iraqirabita.org/index.php?do=article&id=27597 (underneath and to the right of the article), http://www.iraq-amsi.com/Portal/ (click on the red words within square brackets to go to the photo in better size with the article),
http://www.albadeeliraq.com/, http://iraqirabita.org/index.php?do=article&id=27602 , Continue reading

Truth in advertising

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You may recall the Grapefruit being sold at Coles Coorparoo last week.

Coles Coorparoo have changed the Price Tag on the same Grapefruit from ‘Product of Israel’ to ‘Product of USA’.

There is truth in advertising after all.

Ian Curr
28 Feb 2011