Why I appreciate Press TV

Dear Worker Bush Telegraph editor, I'm Kourosh Ziabari, a freelance journalist and media correspondent from Iran. You may have heard about the Iranian English-language TV channel Press TV which was launched just a few years ago. Now, with its objective, impartial coverage of the international issues, it's simply surmountig the news-diesseminating agencies of the U.S. … Continue reading Why I appreciate Press TV

The Minister gives way under the collective pressure of teachers.

This is the personal opinion of Peter Curtis The Minister gives way under the collective pressure of teachers. Minister Gillard agreeing to set up a working party to oversee My School has been the consequence of many teachers across the country making it clear that we are unhappy with the governments intolerable treatment; silencing us, … Continue reading The Minister gives way under the collective pressure of teachers.


April 29, 2010 One of Afghanistan's most prominent human rights advocates is in Australia this week attending a conference in Canberra. Nader Nadery has been a commissioner on the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission since it was established in 2002 and he was part of the Afghan delegation to the Bonn conference on Afghan reconstruction … Continue reading Refugee AFGHAN VIEW VISA SUSPENSION

Gaza Friends, We’re almost ready!

By Greta Berlin, Free Gaza Movement We're almost ready. Our vessels are being loaded with construction materials, specialized medical equipment, generators, pre-fab homes, water filtration units, and school supplies for the children. Israel allows only 81 items into Gaza, forcing the people to use tunnels to bring in supplies, barely keeping their economy at subsistence … Continue reading Gaza Friends, We’re almost ready!