Daily Archives: May 2, 2009

Detention as a means to Political Silencing: the case of theatre artist Samieh Jabbarin

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The house-arrest for an indefinite period of time of Jaffa-based theatre artist Samieh Jabbarin signals a sharp escalation in the harassment of citizens engaged democratically and legally in expressing their political views.

The case of Samieh Jabbarin exposes the close cooperation of the Israeli Security Services, police and Attorney General’s office. A crass attempt is being made to incriminate a peace-seeking social-political activist by fabricating charges of violence. Unfortunately, the courts of justice have not yet put a halt to this mode of action.

The story is directed at stage, television and film artists both in Israel and abroad; journalists of the printed and electronic media; persons visibly active in education and culture; lawyers and other members of the justice community; social and human-rights activists everywhere.

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