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Worklife films

At our latest meeting we decided to use our next meeting (Wed 18 March) to view the video which QTU bought to add to the joint QTU/Worklife video library – namely “Amongst Equals” (description is:

“A film (from 1991) about the history of the Australian Trade Union movement – starting with the Shearer’s strike of the 1890’s and leading to the present day, featuring interviews with prominent unionists. The film was sponsored by the Australian Council for Trade Unions which eventually withdrew their support for the project after disagreeing with the Filmmaker’s interpretation of history.”

Our plan then is that, after viewing it,  we think it is OK to use, we shall have a film showing of it a few weeks after May Day, so we can publicise it, and Worklife, widely at May Day march.
As Maggie has previously said, another discussion point at the meeting was to look at how we can adrress the Paid Maternity Leave campaign.

I have attached a list of all the videos and VHS tapes which the QTU has in their library (on labour issues).
Have a look at the list…If you know of a film video which is NOT in the collection, and which you think we should purchase to add to the collection, please let us know.

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Boycott Starbucks! Protest!

Saturday February 21, 11am
Starbucks Store, Queen’s Plaza (near corner of Adelaide & Edward Sts, City)
Starbuck’s chairperson, Howard Schultz is an active supporter of the apartheid state of Israel. While Starbucks has been trying to damp down its pro-Israel image, and in particular, distance themselves from the actions of their CEO, the facts speak for themselves:

* In 1998 Shultz was honoured by the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah with “The Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award” for his services to the apartheid state of Israel and his promotion of the “close alliance between the United States and Israel”. This organisation insists that the occupied Palestinian territories should be described only as “disputed”. It also funds the pro-Israel propaganda website honestreporting.com and Israeli arms fairs chaired by the General Shaul Mofaz – known as the “butcher of Jenin” for his role in the 2002 massacre in Jenin.

* In 2001 Gideon Meir, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, complimented Mr Shultz for helping American students to hear “Israeli presentations on the Middle East crisis” after he sponsored pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian seminars on college campuses.

FOCO NUEVO in February 2009

Jumping Fences at Emma Goldman room

FOCO NUEVO in February 2009




Friday 27th Feb
8.00 p.m.

26 Horan Street, West End

Light savory meals, cakes, tea and coffee available

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