Solidarity public forum: what’s the future for childcare?

Solidarity public forum

ABC Learning
  • Save the centres
  • Save the jobs
What’s the future for childcare?

Presented by Ian Rintoul (Solidarity)

7pm Tuesday 9th December

2nd Floor, TLC Building, 16 Peel St, South Brisbane

Organised by Solidarity, for more information ring Mark on 3891 5385

2 thoughts on “Solidarity public forum: what’s the future for childcare?

  1. Hello Mark and Ian,

    What sort of change is possible out of the financial collapse of ABC Learning?

    Given that childcare is one of the least organised workplaces?

    What are you proposing to do in order to bring about “saving the centres and the jobs”?

    How are you going to organise in the childcare industry where even the large Liquor Hospitality & Miscellaneous Union has so few members?

    I wish you good luck if you wish to try to organise in this industry of the lowly paid.

    in solidarity

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