Speak out against the powers of the ABCC! Defend Noel Washington

Speak out against the powers of the ABCC! Defend Noel Washington

Further events in the campaign to abolish the powers of the ABCC:

We are not terrorists. Give us back our civil liberties!
Community Solidarity contingent in the annual Fremantle Festival Parade.
Help us make people aware of the ABCC powers. Come in orange overalls (if you’ve got some!).

3pm Sunday
November 16
Fremantle Esplanade (parade starts 4pm).

All out in support of Noel Washigton.
Mass rally & march the day Noel’s case goes to full trial,

11am Tuesday
2nd December
Solidarity Park (near Parliament House),

March at 11:30 on offices of ABCC
250 St Georges Tce

Organised by UnionsWA, MUA, CFMEU, AMWU & CEPU.

Noel Washington faces six months in prison for refusing to cooperate with the extraordinary and coercive powers of the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

Anyone interrogated by this outfit does not have the right to silence, can not choose their own lawyer and can not discuss what the commission has asked them about. These powers breach basic human rights and the ILO conventions to which Australia is a signatory. We are calling on the federal government to completely abolish the ABCC and all its powers.

“These laws they have at their disposal have no place in a so-called democratic society like Australia and they use those laws freely to go after ordinary workers.” Noel Washington

more info: wasolidarity@yahoo.com.au | www.unionsolidarity.org | www.rightonsite.org.au

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