Campaign against Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC)

WE have mentioned previously the option of running a few more stalls to publicise the campaign against the ABCC.

ABCC stall is held at West End Markets in Brisbane at Davies Park Cnr Montague and Jane Sts West End

Please note the dates for these stalls –
Saturday 1 November
Saturday 22 November

Our comrades from the CFMEU will be helping out at the stalls. It will be useful if other Worklife members also assist so that each person need only spend an hour or two.

The stalls run from 5:00am (setup) to 12:00pm, so a roster of people to assist for an hour or two will help.

Please consider helping on one of those two days, and reply to this email with times you are available so we can add you to the roster.

Thanks and regards,
Ross Gwyther.

One thought on “Campaign against Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC)

  1. Double whammy – upping the ante/intimidation ?

    ABCC hits Washington with legal double-whammy
    Mon, 13/10/2008

    The ABCC has launched a Federal Court action alleging unlawful industrial action against Noel Washington, the CFMEU official already facing charges for refusing to attend an interview.

    The ABCC claims that in October 2006 Washington held a stop-work meeting with four workers employed by a sub-contractor on a construction site in Melbourne’s Southbank precinct.

    The workers refused to work on a crane installation for part of that afternoon as a result of the meeting, it alleges.

    The ABCC also claims Washington then threatened to establish a picket against another sub-contractor at the site unless it signed a union agreement with the CFMEU.

    Washington and the CFMEU are accused of breaching s38, s44 and s45 of the BCII Act by engaging and inciting others to engage in unlawful industrial action, discriminating against another party because they have not signed a union agreement and threatening industrial action to coerce another party to sign a union agreement.

    CFMEU construction and general division national secretary Dave Noonan says the ABCC is attempting to smear the reputation of Washington in the lead-up to his trial in the Geelong Magistrate’s Court in December (see Related Article).

    “These proceedings are linked with the fact that Noel Washington is being prosecuted for refusing to attend an interview with the ABCC. It is clear the ABCC is embarrassed by the public scrutiny that is starting to occur of their extraordinary and repressive powers,” Noonan says.

    “The whole world is filled with speculation
    The whole wide world which people say is round
    They will tear your mind away from contemplation
    They will jump on your misfortune when you’re down
    They will crush you with wealth and power
    Every waking moment you could crack”
    – Ain’t Talkin’”, Bob Dylan, 2006

    Voters should consider…,but without illusions about the political parties, and with the recognition that consistently over the centuries, progressive legislation and social welfare have been won by popular struggles, not gifts from above.
    – Noam Chomsky

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