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Union Alert

This is a round-up of recent union disputes from the local press and other sources.

While the prospect for worker organisation is limited, however, out of the contradiction of master and servant (boss/worker) comes conflict.

When workers take action to advance their own interests, there is an opportunity to link with other workers engaged in similar industrial disputes.

We argue that as the political nature of workers’ struggle emerges there is a need for new structures or organisation to take workers out of the bureaucratic framework that confines unions today.

A new possibility may be realised — workers’ political organisation.

From After the Waterfront – the workers are quiet ,
Chapter 5: Arise ye workers from ye slumbers — New direction for unions

Teachers Alliance
“New Pay Deal Great or Very Bad?! On Friday, May 2, Teachers Alliance
Councillors voted against calling off the stopwork action and agreeing
to the pay deal …”


VOTE NO to the Proposed EBA

“19 May 2008 …
http://www.teachers-alliance.org/proposednewagreemen... 1.
http://teachers-alliance.org/proposednewagreement/vo. …”
13% over 4 years not 3
clip_image002 “Teachers Alliance http://www.teachers-alliance.org. No change to conditions –
not good enough. Two key campaign demands were encapsulated in our
campaign slogans …”


Qantas managers step in for striking engineers
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
“I don’t call anyone a strike-breaker … the union has every right to call a strike. “We have every right to resist it and every right to use everything

Qantas won’t bow to striking engineers
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Previous reports that Qantas would bring overseas workers back to Australia in a strike-breaking arrangement would be a “provocation to fair dinkum working

Qantas pleased engineers’ industrial action cancelled
ABC Online – Australia
Both the union and the company appeared deadlocked this morning, with Mr Dixon saying a 5 per cent rise sought by engineers would be too costly.

Boeing strike flies into its third week
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
But union officials said that while Australians voted against WorkChoices at last year’s federal election, the legal framework was largely intact.

Qantas baggage staff may continue strike
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
The action is linked to workers’ concerns about staffing levels, rosters and old and badly maintained equipment, Transport Workers Union (TWU) federal

Labor maintains spirit of AWAs
The Canberra Times – Canberra,Australian Capital Territory,Australia
Labor also proposes limiting union access to workplaces, limiting the right to strike, the introduction of flexibility arrangements in awards, and allowing

Australian PM marks first 100 days as Murdoch demands “stiff dose
World Socialist Web Site – Oak Park,MI,USA
But the “sacrifices” were extracted from the working class by force, with the trade union bureaucrats acting as industrial policemen, suppressing and