Daily Archives: December 3, 2009

Seize the Crisis!

by Samir Amin

Taken from the Monthly Review Volume 61, Number 6 @ Seize the Crisis


  1. From One Long Crisis to Another
  2. Behind the Financial Crisis: A Systemic Crisis of the Capitalism of Oligopolies
  3. It Is the Entire System that Henceforth Is in Difficulty
  4. Exiting the Crisis of Capitalism or a Capitalism in Crisis?
  5. There Is No Alternative to a Socialist Perspective
  6. Is the Reinstatement of the Global Oligopoly-Finance Capital Possible?
  7. U.S. Hegemony in Crisis
  8. Are New Advances in the Struggles for the Emancipation of the Peoples Possible?
  9. A New Internationalism of the Workers and the Peoples Is Necessary and Possible

The principle of endless accumulation that defines capitalism is synonymous with exponential growth, and the latter, like cancer, leads to death. John Stuart Mill, who recognized this, imagined that a “stationary state of affairs” would put an end to this irrational process. John Maynard Keynes shared this optimism of Reason. But neither was equipped to understand how the necessary overcoming of capitalism could prevail. By contrast, Marx, by giving proper importance to the emerging class struggle, could imagine the reversal of power of the capitalist class, concentrated today in the hands of the ruling oligarchy. Continue reading