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Forum: Origins of the Israel-Palestine Conflict


Dear friends

I greet you with peace and God’s blessings and mercy.

Please find attached an invite to AMARAH’s May forum commemorating Al-Nakbah (60 years of ethnic cleansing in Palestine) with guest speaker Dr Halim Rane from Griffith University.

Dr Rane is an expert in the area of the Israel-Palestine conflict and will provide the origin of this issue, so as to facilitate a better understanding of the modern day context. There will be plenty of time for answers and questions after Dr Rane’s talk.

The talk will be on Sunday 4th May at 7pm at the Garden City Library Meeting Room. As the room can only hold 50 people, I would appreciate your advice as to whether you will be joining us on the evening for an informative and insightful discussion Inshallah.

If you have questions please do not hestitate to contact me on 0422 349 786 or visit us on www.amarah.org/.

Should you wish to email us please send to info@amarah.org .

I hope to see you on the night. Peace be with you all.

Kindest regards

Nora Amath

Managing Director