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WBT takes about many hours labour per month which involves research, writing, editing, emailing, phoning etc.

Workers Bush Telegraph is located in S-E Queensland on Jagera and Toorubul land. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, past and present.

Correspondence is welcome. Please note that some articles/discussions are password protected. You can obtain access to these articles and discussion by writing to Workers BushTelegraph.

People can contribute articles, comment, music, videos and add links to this weblog.

The emphasis on this weblog is on the views of ordinary people (sometimes thrust into extraordinary circumstances). Evidence of this is that, in our first year of operation, Workers BushTelegraph had more readers comments than articles. However, if correspondence wish to contribute articles, please contact the editor at the address below.

Help with using this site

There is a menu at the top of the blog inside the BT masthead (see below).

I took this picture of Yugambeh land from the Mistake Mountains [sic] near Cunningham’s Gap.

Yugambeh land forms the banner of BushTelegraph as a mark of respect for this tribe and the other Murri clans in the place where we live.

This is divided into categories such as Home, Campaigns, Books/Plays/Films, International, Union.

These menus have submenus or subpages which can be found on the blogroll at the side after you click on the menu for a particular category in the banner image.

For example Workers BushTelegraph has been involved with in publishing a number of books. These books can be found on these subpages.

The search engine on the blogroll will retrieve articles and comments LeftPress from this site.

The search engine will bring up articles relating to keywords such as:

Worker Political Organisation
No War
Rank and File (workers)

Articles and organisation relating to the Aboriginal struggle can be found by clicking on the picture of Sam Watson, on the blogroll or by entry of a keyword in the search engine.

There is also a select a category search tool on the blogroll for those who wish to find articles/comments about specific issues.

A Note on “Readers Comments” in the Blogroll

[The Blogroll is the area on the left that contains references to Articles, Comments, the Calendar and notes to the Reader]

If you are looking for a particular comment please click on the article to which the comment refers and Workers BushTelegraph will take you immediately to the relevant comment.

For example, to get to Dean Mighell’s open letter to Kevin Rudd click on the name of the original story i.e. New Labor drives a wedge between militants and moderates. in the Reader’s Comment section. To get Bernie Dowling’s comments on Pig City click on the hyperlink Pig City: all in the name of ‘Exploiting Native Talent’.

And so on.. The most recent comments have links below (click on the title of the article and it will take you to the comment):

Readers Comments

Workers BushTelegraph is dedicated to rank and file unionists.

One such worker was Vern Sunfords who died in May 2006 at age 65.

Vern came up with the name BushTelegraph and what is more put it into practice, circulating Workers BushTelegraph on his employer’s intranet for many years.

For Vern, Workers Bush Telegraph was an underground publication.

We are careful that what we publish does not harm workers.

If you wish to discuss submission of articles, photos, cartoons, reviews, videos etc please phone or email Bush Telegraph at the address below.

If the aim of Bush Telegraph seems unclear, it depends on what workers wish to make of it.

Contributors should be aware that ASIO, Queensland and Federal Police and CIA are likely to monitor this site from time to time.

Workers BushTelegraph advises correspondents to think twice before writing anything that may be used against them or their fellow workers and friends by these organisations.

Editor: Ian Curr
Phone: 0407 687 016


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