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Arrivals by Sea

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Laura Street: The Haze (between day and night)

[Publisher’s Note: Perhaps developers eyeing off West End & Highgate Hill should think again. And while I’m at it, the board rooms of corporate Australia should reconsider their attacks on workers rights. Phil Monsour has built up an archive of music videos that support these struggles and others.]

“100 days” is an acoustic flavoured CD that features Sydney Oud player Mohamed Youssef on half of the tracks.
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Gaza: the dark tunnels …

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We will run our country again

[Editors Note: Thanks to for this excellent video]

Half a century ago, the Yolngu people in the Northern Territory pushed for recognition of the rights of First Nations peoples – recognition of their inherent right to land ownership and to block/veto mining.

This call was dismissed by Australia’s court system, which has been a common trend when it comes to recognising the birth rights of First Nations people across the country (e.g.

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Bugger the Bankers

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We call it Invasion Day, my country calls it Australia Day

Re-lighting the sacred fire at Musgrave Park in Brisbane on Invasion Day, 26 January 2013.

This video shows speeches about sovereignty, identity and  culture — it shows aboriginal dance and smoking ceremony.

The sacred fire is currently banned by order of the Brisbane City Council .

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Syrian government still strong

Assad should never have put down the struggle for democratic rights in Syria. He weakened the rights of the people by using force against them. He should have embraced that struggle. Then the US armed an intervention from outside the country producing the current crisis. Yet the Syria government remains strong.… Go to Article


Top 5 videos on BushTelegraph

According to You Tube these videos are Bush Telegraph‘s all time top videos

1. 1982 Land Rights Struggle – Brisbane Cmwlth Games

2. David Rovics – ‘Laissez les bon temps rouler’ (Let the good times roll)

3. Letter from Camp Hill

4. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land!

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Swimming Free Palestine!

Swimming Free, Palestine

Emad, Gareth and I walked to the
starting line at Wategos beach, near the
Byron Bay lighthouse.

As we entered the water with the other
swimmers, the organisers called off
the race because of treacherous
conditions. Loud speakers announced
that we would be ‘swimming at our
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