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9 Theses on the Party

‘The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles’ — Marx and Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party

The organisation of the May Day celebrations in Brisbane is in disarray and needs to be fixed. 
Both the venue and the day are wrong. Musgrave Park and 1st May are better than the RNA showgrounds and 7th May.
There is pressure from employers and public service managers for Labour Day in Qld to be moved to later in the year.  They are happy to commemorate needless carnage on a beach in Turkey a hundred years ago and a day that is not the Queen’s birthday — anything but the international day of the workers and their unions. 
Other states in Australia have already made this concession.
The bosses argue that because Anzac Day (Wednesday, 25 April), Labour Day (Monday, 7 May) and the Queen’s birthday (Monday, 11 June) are close together, Labour Day should be moved.
Unions need involvement from community grps, but the ALP is wary because no community grp has reason to go to Labor in QLD anymore. The only stronghold left to the ALP is the unions and they are going to protect that to the detriment of rank and file workers.
Needless to say, community groups are victims of our own lack of organisation.
It is important that we bind together to improve the organisation of May Day.

in solidarity,
Ian Curr
0407 687 016

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