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Queensland Remembers Chile – Part II

1982 Land Rights Struggle – Brisbane Cmwlth Games

2 responses to “Film

  1. Hell John K

    The contact for the Pine Gap 4 in Brisbane is Jim Dowling @

    There are many articles about the Pine Gap 4 on the Workers BushTelegraph. They include

    Resisting Talisman Sabre 09 and the Af/Pak War

    Talisman Sabre 2007 & 2009

    Peace Convergence

    Pine Gap 4 have won their Appeal!

    WBT would be interested in hearing about your film about the Peace Convergence and posting it here (if you wish)

    Ian Curr


  2. Hi
    I am making a documentary on the 2007 peace convergence at the war games at shoalwater bay.
    I need clearance to use footage and photos of the Pine Gap 4.
    You have the video posted on this site
    Any contact info for the owners of the pix/video would help
    If you have it could you send it


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