From the Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter

Fifty Years of Activist Art by Emory Douglas

#BlackLivesMatter—the movement, not just the hashtag—is the most significant broad-based human rights coalition for black Americans since the Civil Rights and Black Power movements. The struggle today could not be fought in its current iterations without the contributions of artist Emory Douglas and others who illuminated hidden ugly racial truths in compelling and beautifully executed images.
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Black Panther Woman

'When they got rid of brother Martin Luther King they 
had absolutely no reason to do so … he was the one 
man in our race who was trying to teach our people 
to have love, compassion and mercy for what white 
people had done. 
When white America killed Dr King last night she 
declared war on us ...'
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Marxism 2013: African American civil rights campaigner and Black Panther

African American civil rights campaigner and Black Panther


Speaks at Marxism 2013 conference
Saturday 30th March, 2pm
University of Melbourne, Student Union Building


Read below about the interconnection between the American Black Panthers and the Aboriginal Black Power movement below:

Aboriginal ‘Black Power’ activists from the 1970s join American Black Panther Billy X Jennings at a Melbourne conference

A member of the one of the most controversial African American civil rights organisations, the Black Panthers, is coming to Australia for the Marxism 2013 conference.… Go to Article

South Africa, Israel & Queensland – states of hate

Pastor Don Brady speaks out against racist apartheid laws in King George Square in the early 1970s. Beside him is Dennis Walker then a member of the Black Panthers

It was a pretty brutal place, but there was no slavery in Australia.
– Prime Minister Scott Morrison

It is fifty years since 3,000 stuedents and staff at the Queensland University voted to go on strike against South African apartheid.… Go to Article

Vale Sam Watson: warrior, poet, comrade

It is with great sadness that Solidarity comrades have learned that comrade Sam Watson has passed away, in Brisbane, 27 November.   

Sam has been a giant on the Brisbane and national left his whole political life. From the 1967 referendum, to the Black Panthers in Queensland, to the struggles against black deaths in custody, the protest over the deaths of Daniel Yok in Brisbane and Mulrinji Doomadgee in Palm Island, and his steadfast solidarity with Lex Wotton unjustly jailed for the Palm Island uprising; raging against the NT Intervention and the hypocrisy of Labor’s Sorry statement, Sam was a proud Wangerriburra and Birri Gubba man and fighter for his people.… Go to Article

You Say You Want a Revolution

“When you talk about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out” – John Lennon

We publish these excerpts of the book “You Say You Want A Revolution SDS, PL, and Adventures in Building a Worker-Student Alliance in the hope that future activists will learn from it. This book was edited by John F.Go to Article

You say you want a revolution

Today, if people know anything about Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), it is most likely as the run-up to the drama of Weathermen, a small SDS faction of two or three hundred whose story has been recounted in films, histories and a stream of autobiographies. This drama follows a familiar arc of development: frustrated by the continuing war in Vietnam and repression at home, the Weather Underground turned to revolutionary violence in the belief that their actions would inspire others to join them in “revolutionary struggle” to overthrow the US imperial state.… Go to Article

Climate Change march ‘lifts morale’?

Reports from the march: “When the head of the march was at South Bank the tail was still at Queens Park.”

“Big lift to morale”

“What numbers?  …. reply 10,000 people”

One sign says ‘Give fossil fuels the arse’ and has a big pink bum on it.

Action of Climate Change Rally: “Almost everything about high-profile climate actions are about singing a sweet tune and telling a heart-warming story via street theater (and increasingly through elaborate art displays).… Go to Article

The march of hypocrites.

the article below by guy rundle of crikey thankfully gives some relief and balance to the over-orchestrated screams of hypocrisy and cant emanating from the alleged world leaders of so-called national democracies. the carefully prepared list in the article most certainly puts paid to their masquerades of civility and openness to other thinking in their own fiefdoms whereby truth is held in very short supply.… Go to Article

Rock against Racism

On 25th September 1982 just prior to the Commonwealth Games Land Rights protest there was a ‘Rock Against Racism’ event at Souths Football Oval in West End.

Left to right: Marlene Cummins (Black Panthers), Hone Tuwhare (Maori writer), unidentified, Janet Allison, Louise Butt (4ZZZ), and Peter Gray (Radical Times). The photo was shot at the Commonwealth Writers Festival in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games 1982.… Go to Article

Oodgeroo: Bloodline to Country — a review

Editor’s Note:  I have reprinted Rosemary Sorensen‘s article “Ode to Oodgeroo” about a new play by Sam Watson below.

If you can make it get along to this play Oodgeroo: Bloodline to Country at the Roundhouse Theatre, Brisbane, July 2-11.

Rosemary Sorensen | June 08, 2009| Article & Photo from: The Australian

sam watson  rhonda purcell & roxanne mc donald in oodgeroo bloodline to country
From right Sam Watson, Rhonda Purcell & Roxanne McDonald – photo from The Australian

TURNING a life as complex and dramatic as Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s into a theatre production was always going to be a huge assignment.… Go to Article

Something remarkable is happening in Indian country

Editor’s Note.

Les Malezer has sent this interesting article around and so I reprint it here. I hope the National Geographic Society do not mind, I notify the editor of that magazine and credit the author (Charles Bowden) and photographer (Jack Dykinga) here. This may infringe copyright, I don’t know but the force of the article begs that it be distributed widely.… Go to Article