The Big Ride for Palestine (Australia) 2022

The Big Ride for Palestine 2022 is to be held throughout Australia between 13th August and 28th August 2022. This year, I intend to do a virtual ride from Nablus on the West Bank up to the Lebanese border and back to Jerusalem, a distance of 329 kms. I will be riding around Brisbane/ Meanjin the country of the Jagera and Torrubul people. Riders, walkers and runners can do their own routes (real or virtual) and can register at . People have already formed their own teams and registered them when they join. Participants can join an existing team or form their own.

Opening Ceremony and Prologue

People are welcome to come to the opening ceremony of The Big Ride for Palestine – Australia at 10:30am on Saturday the 13th August 2022 at the Baladi (arabic=home) Coffee Cart on Yeronga Corso. Speaking at the ceremony will be Omar Ashour, the Palestinian Association of Queensland. Bring your kids and their bikes because there is a great BMX bike track for kids on the Corso opposite the parkland next to Baladi Coffe Cart.

The opening ceremony will be preceded by a ride or a walk. The prologue ride will commence in Musgrave Park at 8:00am and will proceed via the river loop to the Baladi Coffee Cart at 237 Brisbane Corso, Yeronga. See Strava map for details of the Prologue. A walk is to be be advised … for more details on the opening event go to .

My virtual route will take me along the blue line on the map shown (click to enlarge):

Palestine – route of my ride (329 kms) – click to enlarge

The route is from Nablus to Jerusalem via the UN Blue line on the border with Lebanon.

This takes me :
via Acre (known to the Greeks long before Israel existed);
via Nahariya (Arabic: نها ) settled in 1935 by Jews escaping Nazism in Germany);
via Liman (built on stolen Palestinian land which was the village of al-Bassa);
then on to the railway bridge at Rosh HaNikra which was spared by the Israel terrorist organisation, the Haganah during the 1946 ‘Night of the Bridges‘ but, following a late-1947 British announcement that it would withdraw from Palestine months ahead of schedule, the bridge was destroyed by the Israeli Palmach in late February 1948 to hinder Arab opposition to the UN Plan to partition Palestine (two-state solution.

The Palmach joined forces with other terrorist groupings, Irgun and Stern Gang, under the orders of David Bengurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel under UN protection after al Nakba (the catastrophe).

I will then ride on to the UN Partition Line (the 2000 blue line) bordering Lebanon and Palestine to show my opposition to the partition (one powerful, the other weak) and then return by bicycle to Jerusalem (Al Quds) in solidarity with recently fallen martyrs in Jenin.

On my return I will visit al-Jammasin, the home village of my friend, Khalil Hamdan, who fled to Nablus during al Nakba as a 6 year old child with his family and the rest of his village, a small town that produced Jaffa oranges for generations now buried underneath glitzy Tel Aviv.

Please join me along the way or donate to help raise money for educational projects in the refugee camps in Beirut run by the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation. You can register at

Please show your solidarity by supporting me in the Big Ride for Palestine 2022 … see

Ian Curr
1 August 2022

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