Vote NO to TOONDAH Harbour development

Over 1000 people marched in Redlands today in protest against Walker Corporations Toondah Harbour proposal that will destroy a RAMSAR wetlands refuge and will itself most probably be destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by extreme weather events caused by climate change and sea level rise. This is stupidity on the part of both major political parties who currently support this ‘development’, disfunctional government processes, and demonstrates the greed and political influence of Walker and Co. – Trevor Berrill

There was a huge turnout on the weekend in opposition to Walker Corporation’s proposal to build apartments IN THE OCEAN at Toondah Harbour.

Both Labor and the Liberals say they support this proposal while the Greens are firmly opposed (Hanson, Palmer etc also support the developers).

If you care about protecting Toondah Harbour and Moreton Bay’s globally significant wetlands, please vote 1 Greens and send the government a clear message. – Jonathan Sri.

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