Support for 14 Refugees After 9+ Years Imprisonment

UPDATE: 10 more refugees freed, for a total of 14 for this fundraiser—they’re some of the last people released from indefinite detention after 10 years, and they need our support!

Fourteen Refugees Released in Meanjin! 

This past month or so, fourteen people were released in our community after 9 years of torture. They have endured a hardship no human being should ever endure.

However, freedom has its own set of challenges. The government continues to make life extremely difficult by refusing to provide real support like secure housing, income support and employment opportunities. 

Everytime they are released, it has been up to the community to give the support they need. We need to show the same generosity we did before as men continue to be released. 

We understand that this may be a difficult time to donate given the floods and rising costs of living. But in times of crisis, the most vulnerable are hit the hardest and the fight for justice is interconnected. 

Please donate what you can and spread through your networks. Everyone is deserving of a place to sleep, eat and feel part of a community. 

Every bit of money goes a long way so that they can buy basic necessities to start their new life as free people. Money will be directly transferred to the men so they have full autonomy in how that money is spent. 

Thank you for your support

Refugee Solidarity Meanjin
Brisbane/Meanjin, Queensland, Australia


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