I’d draw the Earth


When I was 10 years old, Mai Masri a Palestinian filmmaker wanted to document the lives of Palestinian children in the camp. I am one of the children in that documentary talking about my dream to become a doctor. I’m not exactly a medical doctor but I managed to finish a PhD in Chemical Engineering, and currently the co-owner of a successful business “Baladi”.

I wish I could tell that little girl that she would make it in the world despite all the odds.

I wish that we would create a world where everyone gets a chance to exist, to live and to grow. A chance to dream. I hope this documentary inspires you. My story is one tiny piece in the bigger picture of what human are capable of achieving regardless of all the hardships in the world.

In September of 1982, the Israeli armed forces with the help of Lebanese militia massacred more than 2400 Palestinian and Lebanese refugees in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in West Beirut. This documentary interviews the children of those who survived the massacre.

The documentary “Children of Shatila” is on a Netflix, if you’d like to watch it follow the link below.

Love, Farah


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