Trev’s Brisbane Forecast for next 7 Days from 21 September PLUS

What was Trev doing yesterday?

Windsurfing, or otherwise known as wind energy research that is, testing the cubic law of the power in the wind – double the wind speed and the wind power increases 8 fold. Conditions were ideal with a strong 20 to 25 knot (36 to 45 kilometre per hour) northerly wind wiping up swells to 2 metres off the eastern side of Wellington Point. These are great for surfing and jumping off, which is what I was doing for about 1.5 hours. So I was pretty buggered afterwards.

As you might have noticed, it’s been windy Monday and Tuesday of this week as another trough approached, and winds swung rapidly from northerly to south-westerly. This brought a rapid fall in night-time temperatures today due to clear skies and low humidity, and of course the wind bringing cooler air from the south, after the trough moved to the east.

This coming week will be warming up again through to Saturday as northerly winds predominate mid-week and into the weekend.  Maximum temperatures will be around 25 degrees Celsius rising to 31C by the weekend. But by Monday, the wind is predicted to swing rapidly to the south-east and bring a cooler 22C change. A shower or two might accompany this change. Again make sure you have a hat and the sun cream on if out and about.

See ya next week. Trev the Weatherman

Source: Bureau of Meteorology and

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