Vale Uncle Ted

Image: Edward Leonard Hopkins (Ted)

This coming Thursday (21 September 2021) we commemorate the life of Uncle Ted Hopkins in Musgrave Park.

Uncle Ted was Musgrave Park. He would always talk of his concerns about what was happening in Musgrave Park. Ted told me that he had managed to get the Brisbane City Council to upgrade the toilets.

I remember on 21 November 2011 when the Brisbane City Council expelled the Occupy movement from the CBD, Uncle Ted was one of the first to welcome us to Musgrave Park. We sought refuge from police, council and state government repression.

I was worried that Occupy (not a good name in this context) bring down the authorities on the very people who supported us. This would be a sad day were it to happen.

Fortunately Brisbane Blacks are a resolute and strong mob and have withstood such political interference in their park from state, civil authorities and police for many years.

Here is Uncle Ted dancing to the tune of songman Uncle Country along with the Wakka Wakka dancers.

Uncle Ted joins Uncle Country in the great dreaming.

The Family invite the community to celebrate the life of Uncle Ted in a service to be held at Musgrave Park on Thursday, 23 September commencing at 11.00am followed by burial within the Mount Gravatt Cemetery. They ask that people dress in red black and yellow aboriginal design or Brisbane lions colours (his favourite team.)

My condolences to Uncle Ted’s family and friends, particularly to his brother, Adam.

Always was, always will be aboriginal land!

Ian Curr
20 September 2021

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