Football is political

Thanks to the push of the Brisbane Writers Festival, the Political Football panels were aired on Radio National, Big Ideas program with Paul Barclay earlier this week. They are available through the Radio Natiional and also the BWF websites. I’m including the details below. Please share – it would be useful to get national exposure on this important history and future.

Police Commissioner Ray Whitrod speaks to the troops at Meanjin (Brisbane) Exhibition Grounds before the game against apartheid South Africa 1971

Political football – Part 1

Mon 6 Sep 2021, 8:05PM

It’s 50 years since one of the darkest periods in Queensland history, when police violently suppressed anti-apartheid protests against South Africa’s touring rugby team. Students, unions and Black Rights activists were among the protestors. This is the first episode in a two-part series discussing the legacy of that tumultuous time.

Political football – Part 1 – Big Ideas – ABC Radio National

Denis Walker and other leaders. Smash the Acts Protest (1971). Photo; Unknown. Courtesy of the Radical Times Archive

Anne Richards
10 Sept 2021

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