More fallout from Afghanistan

I made my first public speech against war in 1965 during a high school debate, titled: “Should we be in Vietnam?”.

Back then as a 15 year old, I opposed the Australian war (in Vietnam), because I saw the civil war in that country as a national dispute and, therefore, not a valid cause for interference by the West.

We lost the debate and most people supported the war as shown in the landslide election result in 1966 for the government on the question of the war.

Over the years since I have come to learn more about the nature of war. I am glad the only war I have been in was the battle for the streets during the democratic rights struggle in Queensland. I was arrested over 30 times, jailed and beaten over the period from 1977 till 1985.

Despite participating in the early marches, many of my contemporaries went on and became influential people in parliaments, academia, industry, and public service

Poster for the right to march 1977

Many do not seem to have learned the same lesson as we did back then.

I suspect it has something to do with class.

The Wests involvement in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq was a lie from day one.

Sadly, the people who suffered the most were not the soldiers that Australian governments sent there, based on the lie; it was the people that they bombed, it was the people whose country they occupied. The children that Australian soldiers killed. It was the people who just tried to survive.

Some escaped, but only a few, I suspect they too were an elite, some even collaborated with the West.

So, here’s some more articles, this time from the British Guardian, about the realization that has fallen on some, but lost on many.

Ian Curr
1 September 2021

Even the crisis in Afghanistan can’t break the spell of Britain’s delusional foreign policy by Owen Jones.

Who’s to blame for the Afghanistan chaos? Remember the war’s cheerleaders by George Monbiot.

And here is a speech given in the British parliament by a Tory now calls the war in Afghanistan a defeat.

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