Houses, Land & Maaates

The ABC program The Economists poses the question: why are house prices soaring?

Here is the view of Cameron Murray, an economist with the Henry Halloran trust at University of Sydney. The ABC programers put Murray up against former reserve bank economist, Peter Tulip, who now works for right-wing think tank, Centre for Independent Studies*.

In the 2017 election in South Brisbane, Cameron Murray (Game of Mates) ran against the sitting deputy premier Jackie Trad. Trad had been accused of profiteering from the rezoning of land near the Cross River rail at Woolloongabba. The allegation was that Trad, as Minister, sought to profit from early access to information about rezoning of properties near the new underground station. These allegations were later found to be false by the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC).

Regardless, Trad’s purchase of a property near the new underground station was not a politically clever move and, together with support for Adani and Toondah harbour development at Cleveland, were enough to have her lose her seat to the Greens in 2020.

In 2017, South Brisbane was hotly contested between Labour and the Greens. Cameron Murray, who ran on an anti-corruption ticket, received only 516 votes. However if those votes had gone to the Greens, Amy MacMahon would have become the member from South Brisbane three years earlier; for, as it turns out, she won the seat in the following election in 2020.

One of the key platforms for the Greens was housing affordability.

LaborJackie Trad10,00736.0−6.0
GreensAmy MacMahon9,54934.4+11.7
Liberal NationalSimon Quinn6,76424.3−8.0
IndependentCameron Murray5161.9+1.9
IndependentKarel Boele4841.7−1.2
IndependentKaragh-Mae Kelly2490.9+0.9
IndependentFrank Jordan2300.8+0.8
2017 Election results in South Brisbane according to the Queensland electoral commission website
Proposed 2 x 26 story towers overlooking the West End markets near Davies Park along Montague Road.

The corrupt conduct of developers in South Brisbane has been under scrutiny by the local Greens councillor, Jonathan Sri, during his terms in office.

Did Cameron Murray split the Greens vote in South Brisbane in 2017? Why did he run if the Greens already had an strong anti-corruption position?

Another question, if the votes garnered by Cameron Murray had gone to the Greens, would people in South Brisbane be less exposed to the excesses of developers? Comment down below and subscribe to WBT to read more on this.

Ian Curr
15 Aug 2021

* The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) advocates for a small state and makes up part of the New Right in Australia .   It has an annual budget of $1.1 million provided from subscriptions, publications & members.  The CEO is G.Lyndsay. It has 11 staff and 1,800 members.    It was opened in 1976 and supports re-invigoration of the family. – Salas-Porras, A. & Murray, G. (E.Ds.) Think Tanks – key spaces within global structures of power, Palgrave Macmillan, (2017).

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