Aged Care in Australia

Just look who the profiteers are in aged care in Australia – the churches, private corporations, developers and many so called ‘family-owned’ businesses. They’ve all worked out where the money is! We post this short piece from Expose the Public Trustee.

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Worth noting!

Just had a conversation with Centrelink Financial Information Service For Older Australians on the phone.

The official information given to me was: It is NOT mandatory to sell your home to pay an accommodation bond to an aged care facility.

Repeats: It is NOT compulsory to sell your home to pay an accommodation bond to an aged care facility.

Basic daily care fee is $52.71

Everyone pays this amount.

If you choose not to sell your accommodation is an extra $27.75 per day based on a family home value of $650000.

Approx $195.00 per week on top of the above basic daily care fee.

If your home is sold.

Plus an accommodation bond of $250000 paid to aged care facility.

Leaves you lots of cash for NSWTAG (NSW Public Trustee and Guardian) financial managers to dwindle away with their extravagant fees but also because of this money your pension reduces significantly.

Their (Centrelink’s) advice was NOT to sell.



This is from Centrelink Financial Information Service.

Please ring the older Australians line and they can send this to you in writing.

Expose the Public Trustee Of Qld, QCAT & Office Of The Adult Guardian

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