Trev’s forecast 20 -27 April 2021

Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 20 April

It’s worthwhile looking back over the past week to see just how accurate the Met Bureau got it. This is because we often remember the times they got it wrong rather than the statistical reality – they get it right most of the time. This is the case for last week – the Met Bureau pretty much got it right except that Saturday was a little cloudier, cooler and wetter than predicted. This was because the trough line that got pushed across Brisbane from the west by high pressure systems to the south, brought a little more instability and associated cloud and light rain.  The weather chart below shows that a similar pattern is predicted to happen this week but with the area of highest instability and hence likely rain (shaded area) further to the north as the trough line moves east.

Source: Bureau of Meteorology

How’s it looking for the next 7 days? Pretty dam fine – similar to last week. Mild weather is forecast with minimum temperatures around 15C and maximums of around 26C, with Wednesday the hottest at 30C. This hotter day is associated with north to north-westerly winds to the east of another approaching trough line, that will bring warmer air over South East Queensland. After Wednesday, the winds turn south west then gradually south easterly, bringing cooler days. It may be windy with a coastal shower or two late in the week.   


So on your bikes, in your bathers or just put on those walking shoes again. See ya next week.

The Weatherman