‘Terfs’ are the new witches

Anna McCormack Intro at International Women’s Day rally in Emma Miller Place on 5th March 2021

We’re angry at the hyper sexualization and objectification of our girls, which sets them up as victims of male violence.

We’re angry that no one ever mentioned war, or the prostitution of women as factors in boys and men sexual violence against girls and women.

And we’re angry at the ongoing failure of our politicians and our courts and a place to deal properly with domestic violence.

We’re angry when gender identity ideologues attack women campaigning against female genital mutilation as the ongoing and parent abuse of anti-FGM campaign, people watch their shows.

We’re angry that women’s and girls sports are disappearing, that women in prison risk having to share accommodation with male sexual violence predators who demand to be called women.

These things occur because we’re a subordinated sex class.

Let’s not pretend these things occur in a vacuum. They don’t.

They’re all connected.

They occur at a time when the rise of gender identity ideology, and its support by governments, including the Queensland Government, including the Australian Government has become the new orthodoxy, and has minimized our response to men’s violence against women.

Terfs are the new witches. We’re fair game.

The very essence of totalitarianism is the criminalization of thinking. Surely we’ve learned that from other totalitarian movements.

So criminal behavior, like rape, and domestic violence are downplayed and thoughtcrime as evidence, for example, by misgendering.

When we call a man “he” and he demands to be called “she” becomes an unforgivable sin, which women must atone for forever in the cult of gender ideology.

It’s time for left and progressive groups to show a bit of solidarity with women and girls, whose safety dignity and fairness and privacy have been eroded by gender identity ideology, because these groups have shown precious little solidarity today.

Instead, they tell us to ignore genderism to pretend that gender identity ideology isn’t happening. Even as it erases us and renders us subhuman. They tell us it’s not the right time to defend women sex based rights.

Gender ideology has to be tackled, if any other women’s issue is to be tackled.

We can’t fight men’s violence against women if we’re not allowed to mention or define woman as adult human female.

We can’t tackle systemic change or pay inequities or women’s property or women’s homelessness if we’re not allowed to mention women.

Or if the new orthodox definition of woman a woman is anyone who feels like it is meaningless and it is meaningless.

It means nothing

Anna McCormack at International Women’s Day rally in Emma Miller Place on 5th March 2021

Transcribed by Ian Curr